Jun 282013

Galloway Beef Quality

Commercial producers, feeders and packers note how the Galloway breed “fattens from the inside out,” depositing desirable marbling – taste fat – in their rib-eyes long before they reach undesirable levels of cover, or waste fat – a rare, and highly sought-after characteristic.

Galloway carcasses are well-marbled with large rib-eyes. It is often said that Galloway beef has a distinctive eating quality, superior to other breeds.

At the U.S. Meat Animal Research Center, sensory evaluation panels ranked Galloway beef head and shoulders above the 11 other breeds analyzed. In direct comparisons, Galloway ranked….

1st in Flavor
2nd in Tenderness
2nd in Juiciness

Galloway Ranks High with Consumers

Studies in Europe have shown the Galloway to be possessed of a unique marbling pattern comprised of very fine, discrete parcels of intramuscular fat distributed in a very even pattern. This is in contrast to larger, visible streaking deposits of fat common in many breeds.

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