Jul 012013

Narrow Creek Ranch GallowayBefore we moved to our farm, we lived “in town” – i.e. in the town of Baraboo.  We were the folks in town that had the biggest garden around.  Yes, anyone coming by our house could tell how much we liked spending time outside and tilling the soil.

We actually were trying to live our life by being self sustaining, well, as much as you can when living in town.  (Our family was actually one of the original 3 that started the food co-op in Baraboo making buying organic and natural food affordable. This co-op is still around and growing!)  But we longed to have more space and went farm-hunting.

The moment we saw our farm, we KNEW it was home and we prayed.  There was a little issue of a giant ravine that led to some safety concerns….but we worked with a land conservationist to come up with a plan, and even found out that there was a grant to help us.  So we fixed the land and converted it back to grasses, and this was the start of our journey with Narrow Creek farm.

On the farm we raise a limited amount of special breed of  heritage Galloway cattle, and work to support the Earth in a healthier balance – and in truth, the farm is an important part of our continual growth on our life’s journey.  We take pride in our farm, but it is more about honoring the world around us and really making a difference that matters to us all.

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